The Podcast that loves clothes but hates capitalism.


The global fashion industry is worth about $2 trillion and it employs roughly 75 million people.  Yet few people know about its impact on the planet and the people. Clotheshorse is a podcast that decodes and demystifies the fashion industry, its secret language, hidden strategies, and so much more. It is hosted by Amanda Lee McCarty (she/they), a fashion professional who has worked in the buying department of some of (fast) fashion’s most iconic brands.  She–along with her industry friends–breaks down how our clothes are really made and sold and the work we have to do to change it. Clotheshorse is the podcast for people who love clothes but hate capitalism.

The Pillars.

Progress not perfection:

it’s the pursuit of perfection that sets us up for disappointment, frustration, and ultimately, giving up.

The personal is political:

your stories help shape the values and actions of others. Clotheshorse is a platform for voices from our community!

Slow fashion is for everyone:

prioritizing conversations and work toward making the slow fashion/sustainability movement more accessible and welcoming to EVERYONE!

Small business is the future:

let’s make shopping small second nature for everyone!

Secondhand first:

there’s so much stuff in the world already. Let’s help people feel more confident and empowered to shop secondhand.

Collaboration over competition:

we need collective action (meaning all of us working together) to change this world!


Amanda is sort of like the Robin Hood of business knowledge: stealing best practices and strategy from big business and using it to create a thriving network of small businesses!

You Don't Have To Learn The Hard Way.