The Clotheshorse 200th episode live extravaganza!

The 200th Episode Live Extravaganza!

Is there really no ethical consumption under capitalism?

Episode 199: Is there REALLY no ethical consumption under capitalism?

How to talk about slow fashion...

Episode 198: How To Talk About Slow Fashion

What is responsible travel?

Episode 197: Responsible Travel with Desirée and Ginger

Learn about the Fashion Act.

Episode 196: All About The Fashion Act, with Maxine Bédat

the future is secondhand.

Episode 195: Exploring The Future of Secondhand Resale with Jake & Yulia of Treet

the future of circular fashion

Episode 194: The Question-sode

Let's talk about the ethical and economic impact of generative AI.

Episode 193: Let’s Talk About Generative AI with Erin Cadigan (and Dustin, too)

how to find happiness

Episode 192: The Happiness Episode with Sandra Ann Miller

Learn how fast jewelry is not part of the ethical small business model.

Episode 191: Fast Jewelry, Knockoffs, and Net 60 with Emily Li Mandri of MLE

Let's explore why new clothes are kinda garbage...

Episode 190: Why New Clothes Are Kinda Garbage, part 3

Why new clothes are so bad these days

Episode 189: Why New Clothes Are Kinda Garbage, part 2