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the future of fashion is small.

Episode 207: The Future of Fashion is Small, with Angela of FABRIC

Unpacking the human impact of SHEIN

Episode 206: The SHEIN-sodes, part 3: Influencers, Forced Labor, and Bad Glassdoor Reviews

Why and how SHEIN's low prices are unnaturally and unethically low.

Episode 205: The SHEIN-sodes, part 2: Bots, Stolen Art, and Phthala-what?!

How Shein is changing fashion in a very bad way.

Episode 204: The SHEIN-sodes, part 1: IPO WTF, Empty Airplanes, & Duty Free

Why are size and fit so terrible in the fast fashion era?

Episode 203: Why clothes fit worse in the fast fashion era, with Dr. Colleen Pokorny

Art is an essential part of slow fashion.

Episode 202: Art is an essential part of the slow fashion movement, with Janelle Abbott

Is it classist to talk about fast fashion?

Episode 201: Is it CLASSIST to talk about fast fashion?

The Clotheshorse 200th episode live extravaganza!

The 200th Episode Live Extravaganza!

Is there really no ethical consumption under capitalism?

Episode 199: Is there REALLY no ethical consumption under capitalism?

How to talk about slow fashion...

Episode 198: How To Talk About Slow Fashion

What is responsible travel?

Episode 197: Responsible Travel with Desirée and Ginger

Learn about the Fashion Act.

Episode 196: All About The Fashion Act, with Maxine Bédat