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Leading the Small business revolution!

Why Clotheshorse?


I’m Amanda Lee McCarty (she/they), host of Clotheshorse and a retail/product expert. I believe that a better future depends on a vast network of thriving small businesses.

I have worked in the buying and merchandising departments of some of the most iconic millennial brands.  And my biggest takeaway (so far) from my 20 year career? 

A healthy business doesn’t just happen to you.  

It requires a strategic blend of inventory management, data analysis, sales planning, and assortment development. And yes, a lot of spreadsheets and formulas!

I offer more than just analysis, planning, and advice.  I am obsessed with educating you! I am here to teach you how to look at your business strategically, using the same analysis methods and tools I learned as a buyer. I am here to support you!

Let's Do This!

Achieve Your Goals.

Whether it’s opening another location, creating your own line of product, or just hiring more employees, I can help you build a sales plan and a product strategy to get you there. Earlier in the game? I can help you develop a P+L and a fundraising deck. This is a great time to mention (humble brag) that I was captain of math team. Even earlier in the process than that? Let’s work on a ten week coaching program to help you narrow your focus and define your brand.

Dial in your brand & branding.

Yes, branding is everything.  It’s what lures in new customers and secures the loyalty of longtime customers.  It’s more than just a logo and color; it’s product assortment, pricing, social media content, policies, and so much more. I am obsessed with helping every small business solidify its brand presence and messaging.

Buy The Right Stuff & The Right Amount.

The core of a successful boutique or brand is buying the right amount of the right product.  And guess what? Your customers are already telling you what they want to buy from you…it’s all in the data! I will not only analyze your sales and inventory and develop a product strategy, I’ll give you the tools to do it yourself. Are you ready to get wild with some spreadsheets? This can include sales analysis, inventory tracking and analysis, and developing an open-to-buy (inventory budget). For many clients, this is an ongoing monthly project that includes a few hours of data analysis by me and a monthly meeting to review sales, product performance, and next steps/create an action plan.

Marketing & Social Strategy.

Let’s introduce your brand/boutique to new people! It might be surprising to hear, but in many companies, marketing is driven by buying. Let me share my experience! I can help you build your social following, get maximum bang for your marketing buck, and assist with emails/marketing messages. We will also work together to make your product assortment work for you in bigger ways by creating product stories that easily transition into social media and marketing content.  

Make Your Own Product.

Real talk: making your own product is always going to be more profitable and more unique! I can help you get there, including line planning, managing the finances, and finding the right manufacturer. I know you have some amazing ideas!

Visual merchandising strategy.

Fun fact: visual merchandising is my favorite part of retail! Visual merchandising is the magic that captures customers’ imaginations and solidifies their brand loyalty.  And guess what? There is a lot of analysis and strategy involved in where everything lives in your store.  From refreshing your boutique space to an all-new buildout or floor map, I’m ready to help you.  Seriously, my drill is already charged! 

One-on-one coaching for micro-businesses.

For all the one-person businesses out there! Pick your cadence: we can meet weekly or monthly to review business performance, set goals, prioritize everything you are juggling, and brainstorm what happens next.  Many of my clients who are new to business find this very educational and motivating!

My extensive experience working for some of the most iconic millennial brands has honed my talent for understanding and serving customers with perfect product, an inspiring visual concept, and call-to-action marketing messaging. I love data and my spreadsheet skills are so wild that my friends call me the “Google Doc-tor.”  

I believe that good business can do good things (and be profitable).

Working with startup retailers has allowed me to grow as an innovative problem solver. I’m able to see the both the business and technical sides of a problem. I have been able to utilize my experiences with more established retailers to develop systems and processes at younger startup companies, particularly in the areas of assortment planning, buying operations, and private label product development. 

Helping small businesses grow while remaining ethical and sustainable is a passion!


Past employers: Urban Outfitters ・Modcloth・Nasty Gal ・Wildfang・Nuuly・Attic Salt

Some of my clients & partnerships: All Roads Design・Baby Cats of California ・Degen ・Desert Dust ・Gravel + Gold・Harkened・Jenny Lemons・Jenny Pennywood ・Magill LA ・Nettle Studios ・Nikki Chasin・The Endery

Okay, but how much does this cost?

Hourly rates begin at $50 for microbusinesses, but I offer bulk rates for large projects and monthly retainer options.  

I don’t offer packages here on the website because every situation is unique. For most of my clients, we work together every month.

To get a full feel for how much time you will need from me, let’s set up some time to talk! 

Use the link below to book an intro session or drop me an email: [email protected]

Please note that the link below automates scheduling (and I love it). 

After selecting at time, you will received a calendar invite (including Zoom info) from Calendly. That is your appointment confirmation!