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Small Business Directory.

If you’re stressed about widening wealth inequality, if you think billionaires shouldn’t exist, if you want to spend your money with businesses that do the right thing for the planet and its people…then shop small (and #DontGiveYourMoneyToAssholes). Begin your #ShopSmall adventure with this list of Clotheshorse-approved businesses.

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A Circular Story | United Kingdom


Handmade clothes with tales to tell. I always have one eye out for beautiful discarded fabrics and I created A Circular Story to give them a new life, hand sewing unique garments to be treasured forever.

Clothing | Accessories | Home Goods

Addie Lore | Abilene, TX


Made to Measure, Gender Fluid essentials that empowering you to be your best self in your wonderful today body.


Albany and Avers | Omaha, NE


5011 Underwood Ave. |

We’re a curated vintage and secondhand shop slowing fast fashion and making quality vintage and secondhand more accessible to women of all shapes and sizes.

Secondhand/Resale | Vintage | Upcycled Product

Assassin Vintage | St. Louis, MO


3156 Cherokee St |

We are Tammy and Kay, killer vintage seekers. We find men’s and women’s clothing and accessories that span the eras and aim to invigorate the modern wardrobe with our ready-to-wear pieces.

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Home Goods | Secondhand | Vintage

Aviena Vintage | Sioux Falls, SD


Etsy Shop

Midwest vintage consignment shop. I’ve loved vintage clothing for a lifetime, and have been rehoming it since 1999. All eras, all sizes, all styles!

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Secondhand | Vintage

Barnburner Mending | Greenfield, MA/Keene, NH/Brattleboro, VT


I can fix up your favorite worn & torn clothes or embellish your lackluster ones. I can also teach you to mend!


BeauBow | College Park, MD


Vintage style headwraps. Handmade with wire and padding inside. Wrap around the head and twist the ends. Adjustable size.


Betterdays | Richmond, VA

Levi (they/them) is a nonbinary artist with a passion for sustainability. ‘Better Days’ is a fruition of what our future can be through their one-of-a-kind pieces made from repurposed, pre-existing materials. Break the binary, sustainably.

Clothing | Accessories | Jewelry | Home Goods | Mending/Tailoring | Upcycled

Blank Cass | Indianapolis, IN 🐴


Blank Cass, or Blanket Coats by Cass, is focused on restoring, renewing, and reviving the history held within vintage and heirloom textiles. By embodying and transferring the love, craft, and energy that is original to each vintage textile into a new garment, I hope we can reteach ourselves to care for and mend what we have and make it last.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled

Bloom Bloom Vintage | Clemson, SC


Etsy Shop

At Bloom Bloom Vintage, we focus on bright, cheerful pieces that are sure to make you smile when you see them and when you wear them. We mainly sell children’s and women’s vintage from the 1950s to the early 2000s, with the occasional irresistible unique modern or upcycled piece thrown in. Additionally, we maintain a great curation of vintage children’s and crafting books, along with fantastic home decor and textiles from times past. Bloom bold! Bloom bright. Love yourself and you’ll always be alright!

Clothing | Home Goods | Books | Children’s Clothing | Secondhand | Vintage | Upcycled

Bloomers and Frocks | Austin, TX


1628 S 1st Street |

Vintage clothes for Modern Women.
Bloomers and Frocks carries quality women’s vintage clothes, accessories, and jewelry from the 1910s-1980s.

Clothing | Accessories | Jewelry

Burnt Umber | Idaho


Etsy Shop

I’ll go out to find the cool stuff. You hang out and watch for it in my shop! Vintage and second dibs clothing and goods.

Clothing | Home Goods | Books | Secondhand | Vintage

Calúnica | Arroyo Grande, CA


Eco-friendly slow fashion made for you in California by Miriam Plata with organic and upcycled fabrics..

Clothing | Accessories | Children’s Clothing/Toys | Upcycled

Caren Kinne Studio | Massachusetts 🐴


Located in Western Massachusetts, Caren specializes in handcrafted earrings from found, upcycled, and repurposed fabrics as well as other eco-friendly curios, all with a hint of nostalgia, a dollop of whimsy, a dash of color and 100% fun. Caren is an artist/designer who believes the materials we use matter.

Jewelry | Upcycled

Cloud Yarn Co. | Minneapolis, MN


Hand-dyed, small batch yarn and roving for knitting, crochet, spinning, and more. Cloud Yarn Company is pointedly devoted to antiracism, antifascism, and allyship in the fiber community.

Craft Supplies

Confetti Jess | Arlington, TX


All original pieces are upcycled and repurposed to make your confetti dreams come true! Each original piece is hand painted on glass and frame. Prefer something smaller? Graphic art prints and stickers are also available!

Prints/Original Art | Upcycled

Country Feedback | Tarboro, NC 🐴


420 N. Main St | Website

A mom & pop record shop in Tarboro, North Carolina. They specialize in used rock, country, and soul and offer affordable vintage clothing and housewares. Do you have used records you want to sell? Country Feedback wants to buy them! Find us on Instagram @countryfeedbackvintageandvinyl or head downeast and visit our brick and mortar. All are welcome at this inclusive and family-friendly record shop in the country!

Records | Clothing | Accessories | Home Goods | Vintage | Secondhand

Current Shapes | Los Angeles, CA


We design and print bold hand made textiles for wearable art and functional objects. Everything is thoughtfully, intentionally and therefore slowly designed and made by us. This is done in hopes to a bring awareness and appreciation back into the craft making process and slow fashion.

Current Shapes is for those who buzz at the sight of pattern and find comfort in beaming colors. It’s about wearing art on your sleeves, about detaching from convention and allowing re-invention. It’s about loud expression, personal vision, and subtle boldness.

Clothing | Home Goods | Prints/Digital Art

Cutesy Vintage | San Antonio, TX


Cutesy Vintage is an online shop where you can purchase second hand and vintage home decor items through Instagram! Or as I like to describe them: pre-loved cuties, since I specifically curate home decor that is cute or kitschy! It is run by me, Yulissa, a queer Hispanic woman from Brownsville, Texas, a city in the Rio Grande Valley bordering Mexico, but I am now living in and running my business in San Antonio, Texas! I believe that second hand/vintage home goods have multiple uses: it’s ethical and sustainable for the environment, and personally, is more unique and gives more flair to your home than fast furniture companies. I also believe that everyone should be able to acquire these pieces without having to break the bank, so my items are priced reasonably. My brand/business is that it is a safe space for all minorities to be themselves, shop cute items, engage with myself and the reselling community and just gush about all things second hand/ vintage together!

Home Goods | Secondhand | Vintage

Danielle Everine | Minneapolis, MN


Colorful sustainable fashion. All Danielle Everine products are made of luxurious natural fibers which reduce environmental impacts and exposure to polymers. Every garment is made in the United States, by hand and with ethical labor practices. Please enjoy this collection of gorgeous environmentally safe water-based prints on inspired silhouettes.

Clothing | Accessories | Home Goods



I am an abstract expressionist painter working on remnant textiles, secondhand materials, and sometimes straight up trash.

Home Goods | Prints/Original Art

Darling Vintage | Charlottesville, VA


115 1st St S |

Curated consignment + artisan goods for the savvy, sustainable, intentional shopper. With hundreds of weekly new in secondhand arrivals, both feminine and masculine, and handmade gifts, home, and accessories from over 80 makers, we’re passionate about building a community for those that want to leave the planet better than they found it. And support other’s dreams along the way with their dollar.

Clothing | Accessories | Jewelry | Shoes | Home Goods | Secondhand | Upcycled

Dazey Dreams Vintage | New Brunswick, Canada


Shop Our Booth At Recollections by Jazz | Etsy Shop

Dazey Dreams Vintage is a space that has been created for all walks of life to slip into something more sustainable. After a personal pact to end our relationship with fast fashion, we decided to open a shop where we could provide other sustainability seekers with high quality vintage items, while also lowering the impact that fashion has on our planet. Because we want our business to reflect these values, we utilize recycled products to create our marketing items, thank you cards, and shipping supplies.

Clothing | Accessories | Jewelry | Shoes | Vintage

Dylan Paige | St. Louis, MO 🐴


We are an online clothing and lifestyle brand based out of St. Louis, MO. Our products are chosen with intention for the conscious community. Everything we carry is animal friendly, ethically made, sustainably sourced, and cruelty free. Dylan Paige is for those who never stop questioning where something comes from. We know that personal experience dictates what’s sustainable for you, and we are here to help guide and support you to make choices that fit your needs.

Clothing | Accessories | Zero Waste Lifestyle Products | Wellness/Beauty | Home Goods

Estella’s Plus Closet | Dallas, TX


Colorful, eclectic, and fun second hand plus sized clothes with a mix of modern and vintage. We upcycle thrifted fabric into new garments and source used and vintage jumpsuits, to mend and hand dye, to give them new life. Our mission is to give life to things that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Clothing | Vintage | Secondhand | Upcycled

The Fashion Alchemist | UK


We give old clothes new life by upcycling them into bags and hats.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled

Frayed Threads Mending | Seattle, WA


As a sustainability focused mending and repair business, I want to help extend the life of your clothes. By mending our clothes we help show respect to those who grew and wove the fibers, and then formed them into something that protects us, serves as self-expression and is an integral part of our every day lives. The value of mending is not just in the cost of the product, but the ripple effect continuing to keeping a garment in use versus casting it aside to buy new can have on our planet and the people who make it.

Home Goods | Zero Waste Lifestyle Products | Mending/Tailoring | Upcycled

Fruits of Venus | Philadelphia, PA


Fruits of Venus is a wearable art project by Carly Mckown. Each piece of clothing is carefully curated, hand painted, and always one of a kind.

Clothing | Accessories | Home Goods | Original Prints/Art

Gabriela Antonas | New Orleans, LA 🐴


depop | portfolio

Gabriela is a visual Artist, an ethical trade fashion designer, but Gabriela Antonas is also a radical feminist micro-business. She’s the one woman band, trying to help you understand, why slow fashion is what the earth needs. The one woman band, to help you build your brand ! She can take your fashion line from just a concept, and do your sketches, pattern making, grading, sourcing, cutting and sewing for you. Or the second option is for those who aren’t trying to start a business, and who just want ethical garments! Gabriela will create custom garments for you. Her goal is to help one person, of any size, at a time, including beyond size 40. For inquiries about this serendipitous intersectional offering of either concept DM her on Instagram to book a consultation. She also sells one-of-a-kind slow fashion. Check out her depop!

Clothing | Mending/Tailoring | Upcycled

Gentle Vibes Vintage | Ypsilanti, MI 🐴


731 W. Cross St |

We are purveyors of polyester and psychedelic relics! We encourage experimentation and play not only in your wardrobe, but in your home, too. We have thousands of killer vintage pieces ready for their next adventure!

Clothing | Shoes | Accessories | Home Goods | Vintage

Gilty Party | San Diego, CA


Gilty Party is a celebration of individuality through vintage, pre-loved fine jewelry! Here at GP, we source super rad and unique finds for anyone looking to spice up their jewelry collection. As a proudly Latinx-owned biz, we wanted to create a space for marginalized folk to find their own flare. We believe fine jewelry should be fun, inclusive, and make you wanna dance, so that’s what GP is here for. Come join The Gilty Party!

Jewelry | Secondhand | Vintage

Haus of Jaycee | Atlanta, GA


Etsy Shop

Hi all! My name is Jenn and Haus of Jaycee is an online, one woman vintage shop that specializes in secondhand home decor that is ‘quirky chic’, a term that I’ve coined. It’s the perfect place to find something that is unique and different but still fits into many eclectic spaces. I think shopping secondhand is the way to go because it gives you the opportunity to make purchases reflective of who you are, and not just what big companies dictate is trendy at the moment. I’d love to connect with all of you online and create a communal space!

Home Goods | Secondhand | Vintage

Heke Design | Auckland, New Zealand

118 Oceanview Rd |

Sharing a passion for upcycling, through the joy of colour.

Upcycled Clothing

High Horse Studio | Montreal, Canada

High Horse is an experimental design studio guided by its values. Sustainability first and fashion second; we celebrate heirloom garments, textile conservation and the pursuit of timeless quality.

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Vintage | Upcycled

Inchworm Crafts


Etsy Shop

I design, write, and sell vintage-inspired and size inclusive crochet patterns. I also sell vintage garments and supplies for paper crafts taken from vintage books bound for the garbage.

Clothing | Accessories | Paper Goods | Craft/Sewing/Art Supplies | Secondhand | Vintage | Upcycled

Juniper Hue | Hood River, OR


Etsy Shop

Juniper hue sells botanically dyed vintage and secondhand clothing. We create long lasting plant color using locally foraged plants, flowers from our garden, and even food waste. We love giving new life to secondhand natural fibers!

Clothing | Secondhand/Resale | Vintage | Upcycled

Kilner Goods | Kelowna, BC, Canada


I make rad and unique leather bags from vintage leather jackets, old couches, and textiles! Each bag is one of a kind, upcycled and eco-friendly.

Accessories | Upcycled

KingsPIER Vintage | Halifax, NS, Canada


1869 Upper Water Street |

Sustainable Slow Fashion never looked so good! We have an abundant collection of experienced Haute Couture and timeless classics for all genders. Aside from our rich collection of basic apparel, we also have an impressive collection of outerwear, footwear, haberdashery, leather bags and accessories. We peddled slow fashion before it was “cool” and we’re just getting started.

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Prints/Original Art

Late To The Party | Brooklyn, NY 🐴


Creating one of a kind statement clothing from vintage, salvaged and thrifted textiles. They hope to tap into the dreamy memories we all hold: floral curtains, a childhood dress, the wallpaper in your best friend’s rec room, all while creating modern sustainable garments that you’ll love wearing and have for years to come. Late to the Party is passionate about celebrating and preserving textiles, the memories they hold, and the stories they have yet to tell.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled

Leslie Courreges | New Orleans, LA


Created with the finest designer and vintage fabrics, Leslie Courreges creates modern armor for courageous woman. Each collection is custom-made to order in small quantities, with the highest attention to detailing. Using couture construction techniques, your Leslie Courreges piece should last you a lifetime. Ethically made in New Orleans, Leslie Courreges employs a small, dedicated team that reveres strong women. Their goal is to bring out the warrior in the modern woman, the hustler who goes from boardroom to brunch to late-night drinks.

Clothing | Accessories | Bridal/Wedding

Lights of All | Toronto, ON, Canada


Lights of All is a vegan and sustainable clothing brand all made by a one-woman show named Katia in Toronto. Focusing on timeless items with some unique twists that you can love forever. Only using materials that do no harm to animals, people and the planet. Available in sizes XS to 3XL.

Clothing | Accessories

Luneta Creations | London, UK


Luneta offers cute beaded jewelery handmade from vintage beads! This small business is a one-woman operation based in London, UK. Luneta’s maker, Brazilian immigrant Marianna Virgili, hopes her creations bring wearers a little color and joy to their day!

Jewelry | Accessories | Upcycled | Vintage

Madam Relove | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Bright and colourful clothing that makes you feel fabulous! Handmade in Melbourne, Australia. Sizes XS-3XL.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled

Maggie O Finds | St. Louis, MO


Etsy Shop

Maggie O Finds is a sustainable clothing and accessories shop that Maggie runs in her parents’ basement. All items are secondhand and are upcycled, vintage, handmade, or a mix of all three! Maggie O Finds is full of brights colors, fun pieces, and pieces for everyone.

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Home Goods | Secondhand | Vintage | Upcycled

Meadow Collective | Miami, FL


8245 SW 124th St |

We are a bohemian lifestyle boutique that focuses on sustainability and wellness. All handmade or ethically made goods. The best conscious clothing brands. Our goal is to offer a curated collection of quality pieces. Anti-fast fashion.

Clothing | Accessories | Jewelry | Skincare/Hair/Cosmetics | Zero Waste Lifestyle Products

Misfit Goth Co. | Columbus, OH


Etsy Shop

Come to the Isle of Misfit Goths and discover what fortune lies ahead. Let our leather fortune tellers guide you on your way…to Taco Bell? To your lover? To apartment 4D? The endless possibilities await you!

Accessories | Other

No Flight Back Vintage | California 🐴


Bringing fun, new life to old things. Always using recycled and secondhand materials to make dope ass shit for dope ass people.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled

Old Flame Mending | Pittsburgh, PA


643 California Ave |

Old Flame Mending helps you keep your clothing and and textiles intact and out of the landfill through repair, visible mending, and tailoring + alterations. Our sewing service is based in Pittsburgh, but we’ll take mail-in mending orders from anywhere in the US. Established in 2019, “We’ll fix anything but a broken heart.”


Out With The New | Pasco, WA

Out with the New focuses on offering vintage clothing. These items are carefully selected for longevity in style as well as material. Advocate for intentional wardrobe curation, outfit repeating, and proper garment care!

Clothing | Vintage

Panty Witch | Port Angeles, WA


Ethical panties from upcycled and vintage materials made for xs-5xl

Clothing | Upcycled

PASO Collection | St. Louis, MO


Timeless antique and vintage garments for the modern romantic. Lovingly restored and cared for in the midwest. Latina owned.

Clothing | Accessories | Vintage

Patrick Ray Dolan | St. Louis, MO


Fashion from the past, styled for today. Patrick Ray Dolan is proudly owned and operated out of St. Louis, Missouri. Our collection spans decades and is hand-selected with an intention to bring life into each piece with a newfound story of its own.

Clothing | Accessories | Vintage

The Pepporium | Telluride, CO


134 E. Colorado Ave |

The Pepporium is a vintage, costume and consignment store in the heart of Telluride, Colorado. All are welcome and there is something for everyone. We are dedicated to reselling quality garments and extend our passion for preowned and repurposing into everything we do. Bags, tags, packaging and everything in between are always repurposed.

Clothing | Shoes | Accessories | Jewelry | Home Goods | Secondhand | Vintage

Picnicwear | North Carolina 🐴


A slow fashion brand, ethically made by hand from vintage and deadstock materials – most notably, vintage towels! Founder, Dani, has worked in the industry as a fashion designer for over 10 years, but started Picnicwear in response to her dissatisfaction with the industry’s shortcomings. Picnicwear recently moved to rural North Carolina where all their clothing and accessories are now designed and cut, but the majority of their sewing is done by skilled garment workers in NYC. Their customers take comfort in knowing that all their sewists are paid well above NYC minimum wage. Picnicwear offers minimal waste and maximum authenticity: Future Vintage over future garbage.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled | Vintage

Pink Bubblegum Vintage | St. Catharines, ON, Canada


148 St Paul St |

We are a female-owned and operated small business specializing in vintage and secondhand clothing, accessories, and home decor. We have a love of the past and a hope for the future.

Clothing | Shoes | Accessories | Jewelry | Home Goods | Secondhand | Vintage

Pop Sick Vintage | Slovakia


Pop Sick is an online vintage shop for those who wanna be eco-friendly and still look rad AF. Hand-picked and reworked vintage clothing from the psychedelic 1960s to the fashion gems of the 2000s.

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Home Goods | Vintage | Upcycled

Program Shop | Portland, OR


2122 SE Division St |

Program Shop is an eclectic vintage and second-hand store, featuring 11+ vendors and many unique local artists. We have clothing, gifts, housewares, plants and more!

Clothing | Accessories | Home Goods | Prints/Art | Plants | Secondhand | Vintage | Upcycled

Puck Vintage | Brooklyn, NY


40 Park Street, #311 (by appointment only) |

Puck Vintage is a Brooklyn based vintage clothing boutique bringing you stand-out, colorful pieces from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. Founded by a costume designer, all of our pieces are special enough to be on the big screen. Sustainability is important to us, shopping vintage is good for Mother Earth!

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Mending/Tailoring

Rabbit + Rain | Sandusky, OH


Handmade accessories including earrings, pins, and other wearables. Pieces range from the silly to the spooky. Leftover acrylic is recycled into new creations in this low-waste small business.

Accessories | Jewelry | Stickers/Pins

Republica Unicornia Yarns | Atlanta, GA 🐴


Hand-Dyed Yarn and notions for the color-obsessed. Made with love and some swearing in fabulous Atlanta, Georgia by Head Yarn Wench Kathleen. Get ready for rainbows with a side of Giving A Damn! Republica Unicornia is all about making your own magic using small-batch, responsibly sourced, hand-dyed yarns and thoughtfully made notions. Slow fashion all the way down and discover the joy of creating your very own beautiful hand knit, crocheted, or woven pieces.

Craft/Sewing/Art Supplies

Revival Jewelry Studio | Stratham, NH


I create colorful boho style jewelry using resin, upcycled vintage jewelry components, and beads. I strive to use USA and/or sustainable materials in my work. All of my jewelry is made in my little home studio in coastal NH.

Jewelry | Upcycled

Revive Athletics | Portland, OR


1538 NE Alberta St |

Secondhand premium athletic wear and athleisure as well as pop up fitness events and workshops.

Clothing | Shoes | Secondhand

Rose’s Wardrobe | Scotland


Rose’s Wardrobe is a made-to-order slow fashion brand taking inspiration from vintage style. Every garment is designed and made in-house by our team of three and is completely unique. We pride ourselves on using vintage or slow impact fabrics and being completely size inclusive. Everyone deserves the chance to look fab!

Clothing | Accessories

Rosie Lynn & co. | Stirling, AB, Canada


Etsy Shop

I make dresses out of vintage and upcycled sheets and linens. Ethically made clothing out of eco friendly fabrics!

Clothing | Children’s Clothing/Toys | Upcycled

Salt Hats | Detroit, MI 🐴


Purveyors of truly sustainable hats. Hand blocked, sewn and embellished in Detroit, Michigan


Selina Sanders | Los Angeles, CA 🐴


A social impact brand that specializes in up-cycled clothing, using only reclaimed, vintage or thrifted materials: from tea towels, linens, blankets and quilts. Sustainably crafted in Los Angeles, each piece is designed to last in one’s closet for generations to come. Maximum Style; Minimal Carbon Footprint.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled

Shift Clothing | Astoria, OR 🐴


1217 Exchange St |

Based out of beautiful Astoria, Oregon, with a focus on natural fibers, simple hardworking designs, and putting fat people first.

Clothing | Accessories | Upcycled

Shop Journal Vintage | Pittsburgh, PA


Inspired by nostalgia, color and maximalism, we make things we love and hope you will too!

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Vintage | Upcycled

Sister Sister Preloved | London, UK


We believe the most sustainable clothes already exist. Shop preloved with us – we sell great quality, affordable women’s clothes from high street to vintage & designer. There’s something for everyone!

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Secondhand

Staircase Ceramics | Youngstown, OH


I create handmade, wheel-thrown, functional pottery. I pride myself on slowly crafting each piece so that it can be loved for years while being used daily. My hope is to brighten up your living space with my ceramic art!

Home Goods | Other

St. Evens | New York, NY 🐴


St. Evens is an NYC-based vintage shop that is dedicated to bringing you those special pieces you’ll reach for again and again. More than just a store, St. Evens is dedicated to sharing the stories and history behind the garments. 10% of all sales are donated to a different charitable organization each month. New vintage is released every Thursday at, with previews of new pieces and more brought to you on Instagram at @wear_st.evens.

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Jewelry | Home Goods | Other

Style Me Slowly | USA


A personal stylist helping you use Slow Fashion to achieve Closet Contentment! I’ll teach you how to love the clothes you already own and how to add new pieces ethically and sustainably.


The Sugar Witch Co. | Santa Ana, CA


The Sugarwitch Co. proudly presents a sustainable and ecofriendly magickal candles and oils shop, featuring crystal infused candles, top 11 allergen free lotion bars, homeopathic ingredients, and other magickal items. We base our business on ethically sourced or homegrown ingredients, recyclable or reusable packaging, and we donate a percentage of proceeds towards rescuing small animals that are often forgotten.

Home Goods | Skincare/Hair/Cosmetics | Wellness | Other

Sunrise Stitch Shop | Lewisville, TX


Etsy Shop

Sunrise Stitch Shop is a queer Latina-owned small business that specializes in handmade garments and household goods. We are a slow fashion brand that offers many sustainable alternatives!

Clothing | Home Goods | Children’s Clothing/Toys

susoriginals | Brick, NJ


susoriginals is a sustainable fashion business creating one of a kind wearable art from 100% secondhand fabrics. susoriginals allows you to wear bold and unique outfits without sacrificing your comfort! Our hoodies and sweatpants are made with love. By sourcing our materials secondhand, we reduce fashion waste in landfills by giving flawed gems a second chance. We strive to reduce fashion waste, encourage more sustainable lifestyles, and inspire others to make wiser fashion choices.

Clothing | Upcycled

Thicc Mama Thrifts | Winona Lake, IN


Hand curated vintage in sizes L & up! Thicc Mama Thrifts is a plus size exclusive shop rooted in Fat Liberation, Sustainability, and Accessibility. We source unique pieces that have already stood the test of time! Located in small town Indiana, but you can shop online or at various markets across the Midwest.

Clothing | Accessories | Secondhand/Resale | Vintage

Thistle & Poppy | Seattle, WA


Thistle & Poppy is a family concept shop founded in 2022 with a focus on sustainability and heirloom goods. We showcase brands that have sustainable & ethical production and labor practices and carry a curated selection of vintage and pre-loved goods.

Clothing | Accessories | Home Goods | Children’s Clothing/Toys | Secondhand/Resale | Vintage

Thumprint | Detroit, MI 🐴


Detroit’s only fair trade marketplace, located in the historic Eastern Market. Our small business specializes in products handmade by empowered women in South Africa making a living wage creating things they love like hand painted candles and ceramics! We also carry a curated assortment of sustainable/natural locally made goods. Thumbprint is a great gift destination for both the special people in your life and for yourself!

Wellness/Beauty | Home Goods | Paper Goods | Children’s Clothing/Toys

The Unruffled | Austin, TX


The Unruffled is a colorful collection of handmade garments and accessories made by Sondra Primeaux. All items are made from 100% reuse textiles. A labor of love since 2003.

Clothing | Accessories | Jewelry | Home Goods | Upcycled

Unusual Retail | Dallas, TX


1300 S Polk St |

Unusual Retail is a pandemic baby grown by two unemployed lovebirds who combined their corporate retail experience and a passion for vintage fashion into a full time job. We participate in pop-up shop markets all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area and just opened up our first storefront in Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX. We curate men’s and women’s vintage fashion with an emphasis on the 60s and 70s, but we also sell t-shirts and casual wear. We like to have something for everyone, in every size, at every price point.

Clothing | Vintage

Vagabond Vintage DTLV | Downtown Las Vegas, NV 🐴


107 E Charleston Blvd (Inside the Arts Factory) |

A one-woman owned and operated vintage clothing and decor business with emphasis on USA made garments & those from the 60’s-70’s. Based in the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas with brand extensions in San Francisco CA and Broad Ripple IN. Learn more about our brand extensions on our website.

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Home Goods | Books | Vintage | Upcycled

Vellum St Soap Company | Philadelphia, PA


Shop IRL at Doylestown Mercantile, The Shoppes At Medford Mill, Pretty Green Terrariums, Kennett Square Works, Vault & Vine, and Weavers Way Mercantile.

Locally minded and sustainable focused, we source many ingredients that would normally be discarded from area restaurants, farms, and butcher shops, seeing their value and saving them from waste bins and trash streams. Approximately 70-80% of our ingredients and 100 % of our upcycled glass packaging come from less than 100 miles of our studio in the Wissahickon Valley of Philadelphia, starting with biocompatible grass fed tallow, and continuing to include ingredients such as citrus peels, previously brewed coffee and tea, and shelf expired oats and dairy. With nothing synthetic or non beneficial components, its so good you’ll wish it was the soap your mouth got washed out with!

Skincare/Hair/Cosmetics | Wellness | Zero Waste Lifestyle Products | Upcycled

The Velvet Underground | Whistler, BC, Canada 🐴


1208 Alpha Lake Rd |

Located in Whistler, Canada, Velvet Underground is a “velvet jungle” full of vintage and second-hand clothes, plants, a vegan cafe and lots of rad products from other small sustainable businesses. Our mission is to create a brand and community dedicated to promoting self-expression, as well as educating and inspiring a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle both for the people and the planet.

Clothing | Shoes | Accessories | Vintage | Secondhand

Village Mending | Portland, OR


Restoring your cherished knitwear! Blankets, sweaters, knit, crochet, I do it all! I strive to make my mends invisible and restore your items to their glory. I work with other local small businesses to source yarn and thread. Open for mail in or local drop off.


Vino Vintage | California 🐴


We are based just outside of LA. We love the hunt of shopping secondhand because you never know what you might find! And catch us at flea markets around Southern California by following us on instagram @vino.vintage so you don’t miss our next event!

Clothing | Shoes | Accessories | Vintage | Secondhand

Viridian Strange | Chicago, IL


I grew up with second hand clothes and I wanted to share my love of thrifted finds with everyone. My shop has vintage along with used current clothes, the idea is to give any pieces a new life and keep them in circulation. I feel that clothes are gender neutral and the best part about fashion is self-expression without rules. All of our shipping materials are eco-friendly.

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Vital Little Plans | Kitchener, ON, Canada


Vital Little Plans is a small WOC owned and operated candle business in Kitchener, Ontario. Our sculpture candles are handpoured using a soy and beeswax blend and are container-free to minimize waste; these come in a variety of shapes and scents that will help bring joy to your home. VLP acknowledges the importance of community; the business was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic as a sustainable way of giving back to those in need. Currently, 10% of all proceeds are given back to the KW community on a bimonthly basis through a donation to a local charity.

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Wah Wah Vintage | Texas


Sustainable vintage fashion & handmade goods for all sizes and budgets.

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White Citrus Ceramics | Minnesota


Etsy Shop

Handmade ceramics for people and pets since 2012. 10+ years experience selling and creating professionally! Art supplies and upcycled products as well.

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The World’s Corner | Arlington, VA


Fair trade shop offering products handcrafted by women artisans around the world. All of our products are made with natural and ethically-sourced materials and dyes.

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