Episode 18: Copycats (how fast fashion knocks itself off every day)

Episode 17: Sports Bras, Sweatpants, and Wardrobe Malfunctions: Activewear

Episode 16: The Negligees of Dynasty, Damp Clothes, and Cults: Fabric waste, part II

Episode 15: 70s Towels, Nellie Oleson, and Unsolved Mysteries: Fabric Waste (and recycling)

Episode 14: Leisure Suits, Chemistry, and Hemp: Let’s talk about fabric

Episode 13: Kriss Kross, Flashdance, and Planetary Boundaries: Denim part III

Episode 12: The Amazing Square Butt Jeans: Denim part II

Episode 11: Blue Butts, Blue Legs, and Blue Office Chairs: Denim part I

Episode 10: Pallets of Tiny Cardboard Boxes: The world of off-price retailers, part II

Episode 9: Infused Olive Oils and Space Jam Tees: The world of off-price retailers, part I

Minisode 2: Chokers, AIM, gURLs, and Snail Mail: The Rise + Fall of Delia’s

Episode 8: A Conveyor Belt Pooping Out Clothing (Even more tales of excess inventory)